Rob's Mental Computation Booklet

Developing and improving vital mental computation skills for students using effective and engaging activities.

Mental computation is a vital skill not just for students throughout their time at school, but for all of us as people in the real world – whether it’s figuring out if you have enough money to buy a treat after lunch or working out who owes what after a dinner with friends, you won’t always be able to pull out a pen and a piece of paper for working out algorithms! Being able to quickly figure out maths problems mentally – and not just reciting memorised timetables – is something all students need.

Rob put together this booklet a few years back, but it’s still an incredibly valuable resource full of engaging tasks, games, and activities that can be used in the classroom to help develop and improve the mental computation skills of students. Each activity includes a walkthrough and indicates what year levels the activity was designed for, but they can all be easily modified to best suit your classroom.

Have a read through the booklet here, and see how you can incorporate some of these activites into your upcoming lessons – even as warm-ups!

Mental Computation Booklet