Comments from School Teachers

“The key message from the seminar was there are many ways to reach a result. The strategies assist students understanding of number facts and breakdown the calculation process into understandable steps. By gaining confidence in a process that works for them students are ready to explore more advanced topics and realise that maths is practical and can be fun.”  


I just wanted to thank you for today and yesterday. There is a real buzz in the Early Years as a result of the work that you have done. We are all genuinely excited about putting some of your ideas into practice. Over the last few years the focus of our professional development has been on Learning Intentions and Success Criteria and I felt that our young teachers had missed out on PD around “teaching”. The work that you did today has really hit the mark and filled that gap.

I know that you were apprehensive about working with our kids but your enthusiasm when working with them has inspired us all – and as you saw, you even bought Cassie to tears!!!


I thought you’d get a laugh to hear that the students in our 3/4 grade are still talking about you! Today I was in there teaching with Paula and at the end of the session I was saying how proud I was of them for great mathematical thinking today. One of the kids then said “you know who would be even more proud of us???. Mr V!!!” To that heaps of other kids replied “oh yeah!!!”
We thought it was so nice to hear. If you’re ever looking for a trial school to practise any new activities on, please keep us in mind:-) I was also pleased to see the 5/6 teachers using that grade 3/4 balance beam activity with their classes today, such an adaptable activity.