A couple of years I did a podcast/interview with Todd Broadbent  – a terrific Foundation year teacher. I have taught in Todd’s grade (more than once) and he and his Foundation kids are marvellous. I readily agreed to the podcast and I think you may enjoy it.

From Todd:

‘’Here is your Toddcast episode if you wanted to post on your website or Facebook. 

Thanks again for coming on the pod again. Everyone has loved it.’’



Apple Podcast 


This is another podcast where  a couple of teachers asked to me to a podcast/interview with them about teaching generally and teaching maths specifically.

From Josh:

‘’Morning Rob,

Hope you had a great end to the week. Just wanted to reach out and thank you again for your time this week to come on the podcast. Both Crowie and I absolutely loved sitting down and having a chat with you.

The episode is now live, it’s available on a number of platforms, the main ones being Spotify and Apple Podcasts. I have attached both links below if you wish to share them amongst your network.

Thanks again mate, and hopefully we are able to catch up in person at some point down the road.’’



Apple Podcast: