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 Online Workshop Webinars with Rob Vingerhoets and Michael Minas
Assessment and Collecting Data

Term 4 has arrived and with it a whole new range of challenges for classroom teachers – not to mention all the added difficulties of post-lockdown teaching for Victorians! After nearly an entire term of remote learning, how can you implement an assessment that gives you the data you need for reporting and to keep the admins happy, without disengaging or overwhelming your students? How can you get a good idea of where each of your students are at the end of a year as bizarre as 2020?


These next two webinars are designed to help you answer those questions. Rob and Michael will be covering a range of highly engaging, mathematically rich classroom tasks that provide the assessment information you need, all catered to the session’s specific grade levels. The webinars will also explore how to collect, record, and use the data from these tasks to make the most out of it for your reports and for figuring out where your students are at in terms of skill and knowledge.


The webinars will be run on the 12th of October for Years 3 – 6, and the 26th of October for Foundation – Year 2, at the usual time of 4pm to 5pm. Spots are expected to fill fast, so book yourself a place here!

Thriving Readers: Every Day, Every Child, Yrs F-6

Webinar events with Sharon Callen

Explore how easy it is to differentiate the teaching of reading to enable every child in your classroom to be a thriving reader every day.

I am frequently asked by teachers how they can easily differentiate their teaching to meet the needs of their striving, middling and thriving readers every day. I know how hard teachers work to provide targeted small group instruction, which means spending a lot of time planning for a number of groups every day. I also found this to be a huge challenge until research and practice helped me understand the power of two timeless and high impact T’s of exemplary literacy instruction: Time and Tantalising Texts.

In these two 1 hour webinars I will take you through the high impact processes of ensuring every child, in F-2 and then Yrs 3-6, has time to practise being a reader with tantalising texts they have chosen for themselves, every day; texts they know they can read with accuracy and understanding.

By the end of this webinar you will have an instant plan and solid reasons for creating or further extending your own classroom library.

The chatroom will be open throughout the webinar, and we will conclude with a Q&A session drawn from key questions sent in.

Join me and fellow Yrs F-2 and then Yrs 3-6 teachers at these two timely events as we help you get ready for your very own exciting literacy program in 2021.

Hurry, book early, as bookings close the Friday before the event!

Monday 2 November 4.00-5.00pm (Yrs F-2 Webinar Event) – only $29.70
Monday 16 November 4.00-5.00pm (Yrs 3-6 Webinar Event) – only $29.70

Adelaide Time


Lockdown 2.0

The lockdown might be back, but it doesn’t have to be the end of quality maths teaching!


It’s back! Tragically, there’s at least 5 weeks of learning from home for Greater Metro Melbourne and Mitchell Region. It’s a shocker, but you need to make the best of it educationally. If you didn’t get into the Maths-at-Home lesson packs for Lockdown 1.0 then you really should for Lockdown 2.0. Sending home worksheets or setting your students work from some online websites isn’t the best you can offer your students or their parents.

The Maths-At-Home packs will get you through Lockdown 2.0, and you’ll do it with maths that:
– is engaging
– is active and enjoyable
– covers all content areas
– is very worthwhile and effective
– can be adapted into the classroom once lockdown is over

So how much do they cost?
Foundation        – $50 per pack per teacher at your school
Years 1 to 6        – $75 per pack per teacher at your school

I’m also offering to unpack the Maths-At-Home ebooks with groups of teachers via Webex or Zoom if required. This would mean making a booking at a cost of $400 per hour.

If you’re interested in purchasing Maths-At-Home or you’d like to see the sample lessons please contact me:



Other Announcements:

There is now a page where you can find Rob’s recent articles and learn about his maths ‘philosophy’ and approaches to teaching maths in the classroom. The page is available via Resources, or click here!

If you’re looking for ways to keep your students engaged in maths during lockdown, or if you have students unable to attend school in-person and want them to keep up with their maths work, Rob has recently published his Maths at Home Packs, four packs catering to students from Foundation up to Year 6, with some activities suitable for Year 7 & 8 students, too. Find out more here!

Rob Vingerhoets Educational Consultancy now has a facebook page!

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