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 Online Workshop Webinars with Rob Vingerhoets and Michael Minas
Getting 2021 Off to a Cracking Start!

Many of us are more than relieved to see the end of the madness that was 2020, but 2021 still poses a number of challenges for teachers as we try and piece together what was missed throughout a very messy year. So how can you start off 2021 as effectively as possible? The team of Rob Vingerhoets and Michael Minas are once again running a number of online webinars to teachers across Australia and beyond, with the first few session focussing on how to kick off 2021 the best way you can – at least in terms of teaching maths! Apart from some very engaging and worthwhile activities (featuring targeted activities for Foundation students) suitable for the first term of the school year and in particular for the areas of place value, counting, data, and measurement, there will also be direct ideas and advice for:
– setting up your classroom effectively for you and your students,
– knowing how to optimise every opportunity that arises,
– understanding how to ‘nail’ the language of maths from the outset,
– getting your expectations for your students in maths just right,
– and refining your philosophy for maths learning and teaching.
This session will run for an hour and a half, with one hour devoted to engaging activities and a further thirty minutes dedicated to covering the points listed above, and will be held on the 3rd of February, so follow the link below to book in as soon as you can!

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Lockdown 2.0

The lockdown might be back, but it doesn’t have to be the end of quality maths teaching!


It’s back! Tragically, there’s at least 5 weeks of learning from home for Greater Metro Melbourne and Mitchell Region. It’s a shocker, but you need to make the best of it educationally. If you didn’t get into the Maths-at-Home lesson packs for Lockdown 1.0 then you really should for Lockdown 2.0. Sending home worksheets or setting your students work from some online websites isn’t the best you can offer your students or their parents.

The Maths-At-Home packs will get you through Lockdown 2.0, and you’ll do it with maths that:
– is engaging
– is active and enjoyable
– covers all content areas
– is very worthwhile and effective
– can be adapted into the classroom once lockdown is over

So how much do they cost?
Foundation        – $50 per pack per teacher at your school
Years 1 to 6        – $75 per pack per teacher at your school

I’m also offering to unpack the Maths-At-Home ebooks with groups of teachers via Webex or Zoom if required. This would mean making a booking at a cost of $400 per hour.

If you’re interested in purchasing Maths-At-Home or you’d like to see the sample lessons please contact me:



Other Announcements:

There is now a page where you can find Rob’s recent articles and learn about his maths ‘philosophy’ and approaches to teaching maths in the classroom. The page is available via Resources, or click here!

If you’re looking for ways to keep your students engaged in maths during lockdown, or if you have students unable to attend school in-person and want them to keep up with their maths work, Rob has recently published his Maths at Home Packs, four packs catering to students from Foundation up to Year 6, with some activities suitable for Year 7 & 8 students, too. Find out more here!

Rob Vingerhoets Educational Consultancy now has a facebook page!

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